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Magic Watch(RYOTA's Magic Watch)

This application allows you to read one's mind!

Catch your audience's attention using your iPhone!

iPhone app Magic Watch

The first series of RYOTA's Magic!

It's a very useful application to warm up your party or entertain people in a bar! This app is very simple to use! It also includes a tutorial movie!

Magic Watch - Digital Adventure

How to play "Magic Watch"

How to play Magic Watch 01

At first...

iPhone app Magic Watch

RYOTA: Can you think of any time you like? Ah, but don't tell me.
Okay, I'll read your mind... Mmm... I can see it on your nose!
Yes, I saw it. I'll setup the time that you thought of now!

How to play Magic Watch 02

5 seconds before the shock...

iPhone app Magic Watch

RYOTA: So, tell me about the time you thought of.
First tell me about the hour. Is the time in the morning or afternoon?
Then, tell me about the minute. Is that a special time?

How to play Magic Watch 03


iPhone app Magic Watch

RYOTA: The time you thought of should be this, right?
Girl: No way! I can't believe it!
Can you really read my mind?

How to play Magic Watch 04


iPhone app Magic Watch

RYOTA: Yes! I can read people's mind!

It's exactly showing 7:33!

Magic Watch - Digital Adventure
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