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Animal Cam

Boost the mood! The definite communication tool!

Entertain people using the Camera app!

iPhone app Animal Cam

This is a composite camera app to help you to boost the mood at a party or in a bar!
I tried to use the app at a hostess club, and the girls liked my magic trick very much :P
I also performed at a dating party, I could easily exchange the number with girls with the excuse I would send them the composite picture!

Get it and try it right now!

AnimalCam - Digital Adventure

How to play "Animal Cam"

How to play AnimalCam 01

iPhone app AnimalCam

At parties or in bars...
Would you like to set the mood?
This app is for you!

How to play AnimalCam 02

iPhone app AnimalCam

The app is called,

How to play AnimalCam 03

iPhone app AnimalCam

It's simple to use!
At first,
Take a picture in order to fit into the guideline.

How to play AnimalCam 04

iPhone app AnimalCam

Flick and choose your favorite wig.

How to play AnimalCam 05

iPhone app AnimalCam

When you select a wig, save it!

How to play AnimalCam 06

iPhone app AnimalCam

Check it out... (Show them the image)

How to play AnimalCam 07

iPhone app AnimalCam

You caught their heart!
Complete success!

How to play AnimalCam 08

iPhone app AnimalCam

You can even send the image by email right away,
so you can easily get girls' email address!!!

* Get the app now!

AnimalCam - Digital Adventure
▲iPhone app : AnimalCam
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